Wedding Rings

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Micah takes a modern & minimal approach to the classic wedding ring, from product design to customer experience, we questioned everything, removing the un-essential in order to make your special moment that much more special.

We’ve created a sleek yet disruptive identity to differentiate Micah in it’s ever so classic and boring industry, putting the user at the centre of the experience while questioning everything else.

Brand managed and partially owned by Creative Disorder.

Part of the Magal Group

We’ve designed a minimalist yet luxurious product experience.


Micah aspires to be a brand of the 21st century: 100% online and without any intermediary. This direct-to-customer approach allows Micah to bypass the traditional jewellery retail, and reduce prices by eliminating middle man and retail markups, resulting in an impeccable product and experience at an affordable price point.

The challenge was finding the sweet spot between a luxurious product experience and an accessible brand identity.


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