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FIT STUDIO takes pilates beyond it’s conventional limits, building strength and burning calories whilst toning and stretching muscles. We designed a strong, dynamic brand identity, positioning the brand as a revolutionary take on pilates.


Interior design in collaboration with Ilana Moskovitz.


A dynamic concept for a dynamic lifestyle.

The brand identity concept was based around the idea of an urban escape of our daily routines. Fit Studio is your daily dose of energy, it offers an alternative take on traditional pilates.

Interior Design

The interior design project’s objective consisted in finding the balance between a functional training space and one responding to the project’s energetic concept. We worked with Ilana Moskowitz to synchronise the interior design with the brand identity, whilst designing graphic elements to complete it’s look, including a memorable facade overlooking Dizengof st.

Web Design

The brand color palette and graphic language were integrated into the website design, managing to capture the brand’s graphic behavior in the digital medium. We employed the brand’s typography with its different weights and styles generating hierarchies and a dynamism while prioritising the website’s functionality.

The colors employed in the medium are mostly black and white, accentuated by a dynamic lime green.

Since our joint venture, Fit Studio has opened an additional location and has become a true landmark in the local pilates landscape.


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